More Adding Than Subtracting

I’ve been editing my book a lot lately, which is good, obviously. But I genuinely thought I’d be cutting a lot more but I’m just changing things and then adding more scenes. Mostly in the front half of the book because it felt a little weak.
A few issues I feel like I need to address are the likeability of one character, I don’t think characters need to be likeable but this guy feels flat and like he, therefore I, can’t figure out where he stands on a lot of things. I might also just cut another character all together because he doesn’t really serve a purpose.
And I somehow have to do this without accidentally creating massive plot holes.

I’ve been so focused on editing this book that all my other writing projects have kind of fell by the wayside. There’s a few writing contests I’d like to enter this year but I have no new ideas for short pieces. I do hope to post more frequently with writing updates and probably some life updates.
I think part of that problem is the last 17 months. Like basically everyone else life has been less than ideal since Covid happened. I had to move home again, which is a whole thing. But I finished my degree this year, I’m thinking about applying to grad school and have three jobs now.
Speaking of those three jobs, I am somehow still not making enough money to get my own place and pay off my debt. I’ve been trying to think of creative ways to use my skills online to make some extra money but until then I will post my Ko-Fi link and humble ask for any assistance you can give. If you can’t, no worries, this has been a hard time for almost everyone.

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